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Do you want to be the first to hear about updates to iQualify? Then this is the place to be. Here is where we keep an up to date summary of enhancements made to the platform.

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July releases

  • Support for Google Analytics G4.
  • Improvements to Class Console filtering and accessibility.
  • Resolved a problem with the clipboard in Create resources.
  • New layout and design for the Create banner.

June releases

  • Expansion of Māori language pack.
  • Better security around simple file uploads.
  • Ability to hide content pages in Manage.
  • Improvements to SSO.
  • Event Hub can now capture audio submission files from Written and Recorded Audio tasks.
  • Improvements to the in app notification indicator.

May releases

  • Accessibility enhancements to Class Console.
  • Security updates.
  • Improvements to social API.
  • Improvements to language packs.

April releases

  • New API endpoint to get information about a learner in an offering including their relative dates.
  • Improvements to Task variations.
  • Security updates.

March releases

  • New filter added to the Class Console allowing a facilitator to filter for learners who are awaiting badges to be awarded.
  • Added learner relative start date to class activation notification emails for learners.
  • Tasks: Improved layout options, and added being able to edit the response containers for the Label with drag and drop task.
  • Added the option to select a preferred email address in My Account for notifications.
  • Added microcopy to explain task variations.
  • Improved accessibility of the Class Console (colour change).
  • Enhancement to the authoring experience with options to add resources and publish in-page.

February releases

  • Enhancement work to the authoring experience with menu items being available in page.
  • General fixes to formatting such as bullet points.
  • Fixed an issue with the choice matrix task so that it automarks correctly.

January releases

  • A range of new filters on the Class Console on the learner’s tab. Read more here.
  • Launched six new task types.
  • Account owners in new orgs now get the option to turn on Women’s Refuge shielded site to keep their learners and kaimahi safe.
  • Private notes on tasks now pull through the task name into the private notes.
  • Fixed an issue where tasks were not sorted by course order in Create.
  • Fixed an issue where custom events were still firing in EventHub when turned off.
  • Made an update to the notification email for learners when their task has been reset to make it clearer.
  • Fixed an issue with a task type that should have been automarked but was showing as needing to be manually marked by a facilitator.
  • Account owners can change their organisation display name that shows on the login page from their iQualify settings.
  • People who login to iQualify with both Create and Learn access will now land on the Learn dashboard if they have current activations.
  • Made some accessibility improvements for people using a mobile device.
  • Added more te reo Māori translated terms.
  • Made improvements to the way that images are displayed on a Retina display.


December releases

  • Account owners can now change their organisation’s display name in iQualify settings.
  • Improvements to the way images display when viewed on a retina screen to display at full size.
  • Improvements to notifications to a learner when a task is reset which lets them know they can have another attempt.
  • Sort and Match classification task now shows a tick in the Class Console when a learner has gotten the task correct.
  • Clearer supporting microcopy when editing a class activation and editing access for a learner, a facilitator or a coach.
  • Improvements to the default landing page for authors and reviewers. When these roles have current class activations, they will be taken to the Learn dashboard when they login.
  • A 256 character limit on sections and sub sections when authoring a course to ensure optimal display.
  • The term “Contents” has been added to our Te Reo translation pack.
  • The Create/Learn toggle switcher on mobile now has appropriate colour contrast for ease of reading.
  • Class Console tiles no longer open multiple modals when the viewport is resized.

November releases

  • Improvements to starred pages functionality.
  • Enhancement to LaTex formulas including faster load time.

October releases

  • Updated designs and improved email templates for consistency amongst all  platform triggered emails.

September releases

  • Improvements to Class Console tile information for coaches.
  • Introduction of personal API authentication tokens.

August releases

  • Expansion of our te reo Māori language support.

July releases

  • Release of the Activities API which holds metadata about tasks. For more information see our developer docs.
  • Class Console analytics are working as expected.
  • Time taken by a learner for quizzes that are not strictly timed in the marking modal shows total time.
  • Improvements to strictly timed quizzes.
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